neon yellow gown available during prom shopping seasonLincoln Formal Dress Boutique is in the height of prom dress shopping season. The season started early for us this year – early January – and has been going strong ever since. This article is to give our shoppers an idea of what to expect when they come into shop for a prom dress.

What you experience will differ depending on when you come. If you come in on a weekend, particularly late morning and afternoon, expect to have lots of company. That is the most popular time for our customers to shop for a prom dress, so there will be plenty of other people there doing what you are doing.

You may have to wait for a dressing room. We have tried an appointment system to spread out shoppers and prevent too many people in at once. Frankly, it doesn’t work. As much as we have requested appointments, 95 percent of our customers don’t make them. So we decided to forego asking for appointments and instead we try to make people aware that they have to wait. We did increase the number of dressing rooms this year from three to five, but we still often have at least one girl, and sometimes two, have to wait for a dressing room. Thankfully, we haven’t had any of our customers be upset over having to wait. They are very patient and we are thankful for that.

Don’t be surprised to find your favorite dress in someone else’s dressing room. When we have so many people at once, many of our dresses end up in the dressing rooms. When customers come in, they should know that the dresses in the racks aren’t all we have. There will be many in the dressing rooms of other girls, so be patient and wait for us to remove them. You are free to check out the ones we remove from the dressing rooms.

Expect to find lots of dresses. We proudly believe that our selection at Lincoln Formal is better than anyone else in Lincoln. See you at the boutique!