Welcome to the new Lincoln Formal Dress Boutique website. This business in Lincoln, Nebraska, has gone through many evolutions, and the website reflects the new business.

This formal dress website is now an e-commerce site, which will allow people to search and order dresses online. Prior to this, it was just an informational website about the business then known as Lincoln Formal Rental and Sales. Not all the dresses were shown on the site.

On my new site, all the dresses I have in stock are shown. You can search for them by size, color, length and designer. The search categories will narrow down the dresses to those that would work for you. You will then see a short description as well as photos of the dress. You can choose to buy a dress, rent a dress, or simply try on a dress.

If you go online and find several dresses you are interested in, you can opt to try them on at no cost. Then I will make arrangements for you to get the dresses to try on and you can choose from them.

I know the importance of trying on a formal dress before you buy or rent it. That’s not something you can do on other formal dress websites. In fact, I would dare to say mine is the only place where you can select dresses to simply try on before you decide on the one you want.

This will work well for customers within Lincoln. Those outside of Lincoln can get the dresses shipped to them.

I currently have no limit on the number of dresses people can try on. That may change depending on how it goes. If, for example, someone selects 50 dresses to try on, that could be problematic. However, I will do what I can to accommodate.

Take a look at www.lincolnformal.com. My prior URL, www.lincolnformalrental.com, will redirect to the new site, so you can type that in as well if that’s what you are used to.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the site.