Frequently Asked Questions

What types of dresses do you have?
All types! Dresses that have a lot of bling and dresses that are simple. Short classic dresses that will work well for a business event and others that can wear to a fancy party. Floor length dresses of all colors and sizes and styles. Dresses that are brand new with tags and some that have been worn.
What is the advantage of buying over renting? What is the advantage of renting over buying?
Buying a dress will truly make it your own. You can have it tailored to fit your body perfectly. Renting a dress will save you money. If you know you will only wear the dress once and don’t want it hanging in your closet never to be worn again, renting is a great option.
What do your dresses cost?

Short dresses for rent range from $10 to $100. Long dresses for rent range from about $40 to $130. Dresses for sale generally range from $90 to up to $500. In addition, we have the ability to order for you from our designer partners. Prices of some of those dresses may be higher.

How does the rental process work?

If you choose to rent a dress, you will be asked to complete a rental agreement. We ask for a credit card number, which will be charged for the retail price only if you do not return the dress. For events in the near future, you can take the dress with you at the time of rental. Prom dresses will be reserved and can be picked up close to the prom date. Dresses must be returned within a few days after your event.

Do I need to clean the dress before I return it?

No, we take care of all the cleaning.

How is the cost of rental dresses determined?

Cost is determined by a few factors, including quality, designer, whether the dress has been worn and age of the dress. Price also is determined by how much it cost us to acquire the dress.

How do you determine which dresses are for sale OR rent vs. those that are for rent only?

Some dresses that are never worn with tags are for sale OR for rent. Some dresses are for sale only. We do not mark dresses that have been previously worn for sale. However, if there is a dress that is not marked for sale and you really want to buy it – just ask. We will try to work it out for you. 

What if I want to buy or rent a particular dress and you don't have my size in stock?

If we don’t have your size, we will order it if it is available.

How many dresses do you have and where have you gotten them?

More than 1,000. We promise you will find the greatest selection of formal dresses in the Lincoln area right here.

Nearly all of the dresses have been purchased from dress designer wholesalers. Most of the dresses are from high-quality designers.

What happens if there is a rental dress I like but it doesn't quite fit me?
This is a common occurrence. Sometimes a dress fits well but the straps are too long, it needs a slight tuck, or it needs hemming. Once you rent a dress, you are allowed to make temporary alterations either on your own or by a seamstress. No permanent alterations are permitted.
What happens if I damage a rental dress?

We will examine the dresses when they are returned. Minor damages are covered in your rental fee. If the dress is ruined beyond repair, such as a major tear or unremovable stain, the renter will be billed for the cost of the dress. It is important to be as cautious with the dress as you can while wearing it.

I have dresses that I no longer want. Will you buy them from me? Can I donate them?

We do not buy dresses from the public. We no longer take donated dresses,.

What about alterations?

Formal gowns will frequently need alterations, whether you get them from our boutique or someplace else. Dresses are made very long and often will need shortening. Sometimes straps need shorting. We allow minor, temporary, alterations on rental dresses. No permanent changes and no cuts are allowed. If you prefer making permanent alterations to a dress, consider buying it.