Try on the dress before purchasing it

back of trumpet gownYou can’t always rely on the sizes shown on dresses. You might be a perfect size 10 but you try on a formal dress in size 10 and doesn’t fit. It’s bound to happen.

Here is a good example: a customer who wears a small dress size tried on two dresses made by different designers. One was a size 0 and the other was a size 6. Both fit her. This demonstrates the reason why it is important to put on a dress before you choose it. That is why I put an emphasis on trying on dresses in my business model.

I know for a fact that a customer will pick a dress from the rack thinking she loves it. However when she puts it on she doesn’t like it. That demonstrates the need to try on a dress first.

My Lincoln Formal Dress Boutique website allows customers to choose dresses to try before deciding on them. All other websites where you purchase clothing do not provide this option. You buy it, then if it doesn’t work for you, you return it.

Another reason my dresses need to be put on first is that formal dresses often run small. So if you know the size you are, there’s a good chance you will need to go up a size or two on the formal dress.

When you find a formal dress you like on my website, simply click to try it on and arrangements will be made for you to try it on. It can be delivered or you can pick them up. It’s a concept that I think people will like. I’ve heard too many stories of people buying a dress online and getting it only to find out they don’t like it.